11 Types of Bags for Trendy Looks

Today bags play a vital role in developing our personality and look as well. So there must be different types of bags available for different purposes like for gym you need an athletic bag, for shopping, shopper bags, etc. which will suit your personality accordingly and of course, must go with your wardrobe.

So here we are going to mention the top 11 types of bags which you should buy for different purposes, from various color combination and designs, which will develop the personality of yours among all.

So have a look.

Types of Bags

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For different occasions and other purposes, we need different types of bags which fulfill the need as well as suit our style. Here are the types of bags one should have.

Athletic Bags

From its name, it is clear for which purpose the athletic bags are meant for. Absolutely, this type of bag is used to carry sporting kits and they are very useful too.


A bag with single or double strips which lies on the back is called backpacks. They are very comfortable for the journey with a few pieces of luggage to carry with. These are available in different shapes and sizes. These can be carried by single or double strips.

Beach Bags

Beach bags are also ideal for carrying personal items which you used to take to the beach like a bathing suit, towel, lotions, etc. They have bigger space for carrying lots of items. Most of the beach bags are made of clothes but nowadays beach bags made of plastics are also found which protects the inner items from the water.

Baguette Bags

These types of bags are spread by the sides but have little height and a small strip so that it fits under the armpit when hanged on the shoulder. Working women used these types of bags the most as it helps them to carry almost everything those are being used to your daily life.

Bowling Bag

It is so popular fashion item for younger women since 1990. Bowling Bag, around and medium-large bag with a bowling ball shape, actually used for carrying bowling ball but in earlier 90s it has become popular. These are being made of leathers also.

Cosmetic Case

A comparatively smaller bag with zipping for containing and carrying cosmetics is known as cosmetic bags. These are found in round and rectangular shapes.

Coin Purse

Coin purse is the most used purse by the women for carrying coins and keys. They are smaller in sizes with zip on the top. A variety of design and color combination gives a smarter look.

Drawstring Bags

A bag with a drawstring at the top to close it called Drawstring bags. They are very fashionable and can be use for a variety of occasions or purposes.

Envelope Bag

A flat, rectangular, envelope-shaped bag without any straps is known as Envelope bags. These are used to carry the purse, mobiles, keys, and other smaller stuff.

Messenger Bags

These types of bags are the type of sack, usually made out of some kind of cloth (natural or synthetic) that is worn over one shoulder with a strap that goes across the chest resting the bag on the lower back. An excellent example of natural ones is Nicola Meyer’s Leather Bags handmade in Tuscany: the Classic and the Rugged ones. These are a
the perfect combination of premium leather bags and Italian leather goods.

Hobo Bags

Nowadays the most popular and mostly used bags are Hobo Bags which semi-circular in shape with zipper and have a sufficient space for containing many things. These bags are now used by all age groups and suit with all kinds of dresses especially with shirt-pants, skirts, etc.


So these are the top 11 types of bags which you can use for various occasions and purposes for a trendy look. All these are most popular types of bags today. Whatever your profession is, these types of bags will surely suit your wardrobes for various purposes whether it be business meeting or conference, social gathering or party, perfect handbags for all situations. So choose and buy ones for you. Be Unique, Look Trendy…..

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