42 Blouse Designs To Boost Saree Outfit To “WOW”

Hello! Are you confused with which blouse design to pick for your saree?, Or You are trapped in your mind, and holding a big “Q” what different types of blouse designs out there?

Well, If you are looking forward to answers to these questions, then you are on the right page.Blouse designs have changed a lot if you look back. Now, modern blouse designs are coming for matching with new saree styles. And, we must keep you updated to stay on trend. Here, you will find A-Z types of blouse design cutting and style, from blouse back side to front styles everything. Also, you will find different combinations of the blouse with sarees like blouse with pattu saree, net sarees, and more different blouse catalogs.

Blouse desgins

Also, you will find some quick tips on “Right blouse for right saree”, and some buying destinations for best blouse collection.

Here, we go for an Ultimate list of 42 blouse designs.

  1. Round Neck Blouse
  2. Square Neck Blouse
  3. Chinese Collar Blouse
  4. Collar Neck Blouse
  5. Boat Neck Blouse
  6. Halter Neck Blouse
  7. Spaghetti Strap Blouse
  8. Tube Style Blouse
  9. Sheer Sleeves Blouse
  10. High Neck Blouse
  11. Backless Blouse
  12. Shirt Style Blouse
  13. Cape Style Blouse
  14. Bodysuit Blouse
  15. Bra Style Blouse
  16. One Side Shoulder Blouse
  17. Peter Pan Collar Blouse
  18. U-Shape Neck Blouse
  19. Keyhole Neck Blouse
  20. Embroidered Blouse
  21. Crew Neck Blouse
  22. Jacket Style Blouse
  23. Jewelled Neck Blouse
  24. Sleeveless blouse
  25. Knotted Saree-Blouse
  26. Corset Style Blouse
  27. Asymmetrical Blouse
  28. Peplum Blouse
  29. Cropped Blouse
  30. Panelled Blouse
  31. Graphic Blouse
  32. Mandarin Blouse
  33. Sweetheart Neck Blouse
  34. Criss-Cross Blouse
  35. Sweater Blouse
  36. Leather Blouse
  37. Short Sleeve Blouse Design
  38. Back Button Blouse
  39. Strapless Blouse
  40. T-Back Blouse
  41. Butterfly Sleeve Blouse
  42. Designer Blouse

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1.Round Neck Blouse

Round Neck Blouse

Design Highlights

  • Round Neck: As it names says, its neckline is designed to round shape. This is one of evergreen blouse design style that every aged and all shaped woman can try.
  • Pairs Well With All Saree Types: Latest Round neck blouse designs match with almost all saree types.Whether it net saree, or Banarasi saree or party wear saree, all time favorite round neck blouse design will team with all of it.
  • Comes in Different Style: Round neck blouse is not alone, you would find different styles and prints, choose from wide range of variety and style.

2.Square Neck Blouse

Square Neck Blouse

Image source: Pinterest

Design Highlights

  • Square Neck: Unlike round neck, this one is square neckline.Very stylish and all time & all aged women’s favorite. Comes in different sleeve style and designs square necklines are an outstanding match for your traditional or ethnic saree look.
  • Traditional Outfit Perfect: One must keep at least some traditional outfits in wardrobe. And the square neck is a perfect for traditional saree look.
  • Back and Front Patterns: Comes in the different back and front patterns make it more flexible. However, Some squares neck blouse has the beautiful knot at back.

3.Chinese Collar Blouse

Chinese Collar Blouse

Pic source: Pinterest

Design Highlights

  • Offbeat Neck Style: When a high-profile look is what you want, Chinese collar blouse will hype your personality. It’s an offbeat blouse neck design and comes in top trend nowadays.
  • Show Off Well: Not, much but yes, we all like to show off little. And Chinese neck blouse is built for showing off.
  • The Designer Works: Most of the Chinese neck blouse design comes with heavy work on neckline, sometimes in full body. These designs on the neck and body give you noticeable look.

4.Collar Neck Blouse

Design Highlights

  • Collar: As it name says, it’s a collar neckline. Comes in different sleeve style, collar neck blouse is the latest fashion that on trend now.
  • Designs: Comes in striking collar designs and styles. collar neck is what all women want to add into their wardrobe, for special events.
  • Celebrities Attraction: What? celebrity? Well, yes trend starts in long back 90’s film and still, Bollywood actresses love to wear this design. And we love to follow their fashion.Don’t you?. Collar neck will get you a truly gorgeous fancied look.

5.Boat Neck Blouse

Design Highlights

  • Beautiful Neck Style: Boat neck means, the front neck is covered with an amazing net or designer work. Comes with unique and designer works on the neck makes it perfect for the party or festival seasons.
  • Different Back Style: Not just front notable design, back also has various styles. Yet, some come in backless design, or others back styles.
  • Perfect For Parties: You could be a party animal, or not. But, if you are planning for parties with saree then you must consider boat neck design. A party saree look always remains uncompleted without a gorgeous blouse style and boat neck blouse style will never disappoint you.

6.Halter Neck Blouse

Design Highlights

  • Neck Style: What special about the halter neck? Well, halter neck design has wrapped in the neckline with one line, comes in sleeveless most of the time, gives you a sizzling saree outfit.
  • Want to Look Sexy With Saree Outfit?: Saree outfit with halter neck blouse is a marvelous fashion pair. hot and sizzling look with saree is always in demand. Hardly, anything can give you more aggressive hot look than a sleeveless halter neck blouse.
  • Comes With Different Styles: Halter neck design blouse comes in prints, designer heavy works, or sometimes you could find leather on halter neck blouse. So, you will never find yourself frustrated for less variety of design with halter neck.

7.Spaghetti Strap Blouse

Design Highlights

  • Straps Do Matter!: Inspired from straps tops, straps in blouse designs becomes very popular with saree style. Since, from bollywood actresses to models, all adopted this new fusion blouse style. Straps come in net, stones, design, or just plain string.
  • Backless:  Most of the time spaghetti neck blouse comes in backless sexy style. Pair it with net saree or any gorgeous sexy saree and you are going to grab attentions.

8.Tube Style Blouse

Design Highlights

  • Tube Style: As it name says, it’s a tube like design that comes with straps or without straps. When you are with tube style blouse the hotness level of your saree outfit is always high.
  • Backless Style: Tube style blouse comes in backless style, gives you out of the box saree looks.
  • Where is She?: With tube tops and saree look, you are going to have all gestures. Get a trendy saree and pair it with tube style blouse and get ready to rock the party.


9.Sheer Sleeves Blouse

Design Highlights

  • It’s New: It’s latest new fashion the is trending these days for saree or lehenga outfit. From bollywood and TV, it’s trailing down to all women’s wardrobe these days.
  • Hot & Sexy: Sheer gives a sexy and fresh outfit with saree. Go with a full sleeve blouse and pair it with net saree or gorgeous saree, It is going to pick your saree fashion to next level.


10.High Neck Blouse

Design Highlights

  • The Neck is High: As it name hints, its high neck style. The neckline is high comes in both short and long sleeve. You can pair this design with all elegant sarees.
  • Heavy Designs: Not all, but most of the high neck design comes with heavy designer works on the neck. This designs over the neck make it special and get “Thums up” from everyone.

11.Backless Blouse

Design Highlights

  • Less Back: When looking sexy is must, its backless blouses design comes into play. Nowadays, back style is coming in action more than front style.
  • Different style: You might like round back, or knot backless blouse, you will find the variety of choice in term of back style.

12.Shirt Style Blouse

Design Highlights

  • Shirt Style: Comes with collar neck and style like shirts. It’s always a unique pair with saree, that will give you true offbeat outfit. The new fresh look with shirt style blouse is always appreciable.
  • Comes In Different Design & Sleeve: Shirt style blouse comes in different design style and sleeve, like embroidery design, or heavy neck design style.

13.Cape Style Blouse

Design Highlights

  • Cape: Inspired from western cape tops look, cape blouse comes in the cape-like spread design. It has an extra layer of capes covering the body. It will master your saree outfit and will come up with an outstanding extraordinary saree outfit.
  • Fusion Calls: It’s a fusion fashion of western cape style and Indian blouse style touch in Indian blouse design, This design will amaze your audience with an amazing saree outfit.

14.Bodysuit Blouse

Design Highlights

  • Fits Perfect: If you are looking for body fits the coolest suit the look with saree, then bodysuit is an amazing choice. it’s rare and known for giving a unique look with saree.Comes in a shirt like the style and designer body works. Inspired from western bodysuit, it’s an Indian ethnic fusion version of western bodysuit dresses. Wear it with printed saree or silk saree for best party outfit.

15.Bra Style Blouse Design

Design Highlights

  • Sexy Looks: When looking sexy and hot is your top preference, bra style blouse is definitely going to give the outfit that you want to. Pair it with amazing gorgeous saree or party wear saree, and surely you are going to be the star of any party.

16.One Side Shoulder Blouse

Design Highlights

  • One Side Off: As it name says its specialty, comes with one side open blouse. A different form of style and design, one-sided off shoulder blouse is perfect for party and casual occasions outfit.

17.Peter Pan Collar Blouse

Design Highlights

  • Peter Pan Collar: It’s a fabulous neck collar type, before you may have seen this type of collar style in western dresses, but peter pan neck in blouse is simply “Outstanding”.
  • Comes in Different Sleeve: Full, half or sleeveless, you would find all sleeve style in peter pan collar blouse.

18.U-Shape Neck Blouse

Design Highlights

  • Comes U Back: You can call it siblings of the backless blouse, as it comes in u shape back, it’s almost backless. But, gives you perfect outfit for all types of sarees. If you got a tattoo in the back, get a U shape backless blouse and stop playing hidden & seek game.
  • Mouth Shutter Design: Comes in a different style, and will pick your look to WOW.

19.Keyhole Neck Blouse

Design Highlights

  • Something New: If you are someone who likes new and innovative design and style, then it’s your cup of tea. comes with an innovative design on a back like a hole cut design, gives you a truly versatile look.
  • Different Style of Holes: Yes! it’s not just oval or round shape, it comes in different shapes and style.Pick you hole and get set ready to get an impressive outfit with saree.

20.Embroidered Blouse

Design Highlights

  • Embroidery Work: If you are planning for wedding or festival occasions picking embroidery blouse from blouse family will never a wrong choice. Comes with heavy handcrafted works on blouse makes it special.
  • Comes in Different Blouse Format: It comes in different blouse styles like backless, full sleeve, half sleeve, high neck, and many.So you will have enough to pick for wedding perfect saree look.

21.Crew Neck Blouse

Design Highlights

  • A crew Neckline: A crew neck is always drawn special attraction for women, Saree outfit with crew neckline is what makes your crew neck style.

22.Jacket Style Blouse Designs

Design Highlights

  • Jacket Style: If unique identity is what you are hunting for, then jacket will give you desire to look. It’s jacket like style comes out as elegance outfit for all occasions.
  • Sleeve Flexibility: Comes in half, short, long sleeve blouse style.

23.Jewelled Neck Blouse

Design Highlights

  • Jewelled Neck: Beautiful jewelled neck designs on neckline makes its gorgeous design. Designs that catch everyone’s eyes. Comes in full sleeve, half sleeve, and sleeveless style.

24.Sleeveless Blouse

Design Highlights

  • High Hot With Sleeveless: When it comes to looking sexy and hot, sleeveless blouse comes in action. Having a sleeveless blouse in your wardrobe will always give you confidence for getting ready for parties. Hook it with net saree, georgette saree, or chiffon saree or whatever that looks good on you.

25.Knotted Saree-Blouse

Design Highlights

  • Knot That Makes Sense: Knot Knot! Comes as back blouse design, also is known as Dori, brings out your glam up. It’s more like series of strings, or single string that comes in back. It’s a very sexy style that you can try for your saree draping.

26.Corset Style Blouse

Design Highlights

  • Royal Designer Look: This is a type of blouse design which is rare and uncommon. If looking different comes in your priority then this blouse is an awesome choice for you. You could add beautiful handcrafted embroidery works on, it will just boost up your look.

27.Asymmetrical Blouse

Design Highlights

  • Asymmetric Style: Born magical! It’s not everyone cup of tea, asymmetric blouses are for those beauties who love to express more than impress. It’s an outstanding look that reflects your attitude and personality.

28.Peplum Blouse

Design Highlights

  • Peplum style: When you need something perfect balanced look with cute and sexy both, its peplum who can put a smile on your face. Grace your look with peplum blouse, it fits best with the net, chiffon, designer, embroidery sarees, you also can pair it with lehenga choli.

29.Cropped Blouse

Design Highlights

  • Crop The Blouse: Inspired from crop top design style, cropped blouse will enhance your look with a modern pair of sarees. However, It exposes your beauty and draws everyone’s attention.

30.Panelled Blouse Design

Design Highlights

  • Add Pannels: Designers comes up with an innovative concept of adding more layers of fabric panels on a blouse to make it the more designer fascinating outfit. Beautiful panels designs works on the body give it a traditional touch.

31.Graphic Blouse

Design Highlights

  • Graphic designs: Why not look different? graphics on the blouse will bring out the different you. Beautiful graphics prints on the body will shape your saree fashion. Nothing is more appreciable than looking unusual.

32.Mandarin Blouse

Design Highlights

  • Mandarin Neck Style: Comes with mandarin neckline style this blouse design is made for elegance saree fashion.You can try different saree draping style with mandarin. It comes in various sleeve custom.

33.Sweetheart Neck Blouse

Design Highlights

  • Sweetheart Neck: Very popular neckline for saree outfit, Main highlights of this blouse type is neckline design, it’s unique and perfect for formal occasions. You can wear this with traditional sarees, silk sarees, or try with crafted embroidery work sarees.


34.Criss-Cross Blouse

Design Highlights

  • Criss Cross Knot: It’s basically a subtype of the backless blouse with knot, the difference is only at Crisscross strings.However, its an amazing eye catching back blouse design that all women want to keep one in their wardrobe. Thus, you can try it with different traditional sarees.

35.Sweater Blouse

Design Highlights

  • Warm It Up: Are you worried about what blouse to wear on winter season?. Then sweater blouse is what can give you best comfort in winters. Comes in full sleeve and short sleeve this blouse designs are best you can pick for winter. Most of the time these blouses are made with wool fabrics.

36.Leather Blouse

Design Highlights

  • Leather Fashion: If you desperately desire for WOW saree outfit, then leather blouse is perfect for you. This blouse style will hype your high profile look. Express your saree look in a different way with leather blouses.

37.Short Sleeve Blouse Design

Design Highlights

  • Short Sleeve: It’s very popular types of blouse design among Indian women’s. Comes in a different style and designs short sleeve fits with all types of saree.

38.Back Button Blouse

Design Highlights

  • Buttons on Back: Buttons on the back is an innovative blouse style that gives you true unique look. Hence, it comes in different style buttons design, this types of the blouse is rare and stylish. Back blouse style is trending these days, everyone wants innovative back style, and when it comes to buttons on the back its could come up with amazing saree fashion.

39.Strapless Blouse

design Highlights

  • No String: No strap line is the new style line. Strapless is what can bring you sensual looks out of saree fashion. We are in the age of looking sexy and hot, and strapless blouse knows the fact well. But Make sure that you are going with best-fit innerwear.

40.T-Back Blouse

Design Highlights

  • T shape: It forms a T shape design on the back, inspired by t shape tops and western dresses, mash up with saree blouse and comes out as mind-blowing T back blouse design.

41.Butterfly Sleeve Blouse

Design Highlights

  • Fly your high: This type of blouse design was so popular among 90’s women, inspired by bollywood fashion, this blouse design steal hearts of women well. Now, this fashion makes come back again with some new updates.

42. Designer Blouse

Design Highlights

  • Heavy Design Works: Heavy design works on the blouse makes it royal and elegance. You always can parit this types of a designer blouse with plain and designer both sarees. Just make sure too much design is not spoiling your outfit.

Well, you get to know about all blouse design patterns and styles.

After going through all these designs and styles you must be confused now! which one to pick?

don’t worry here we come up with some quick tips.

Quick Tips

Before you go and pick best blouse designs, let’s give you a checklist  of “How to pick your blouse”

While you are picking the best one for you, here are the checklist you must consider

  • Is it going to fit my body shape?: It’s not about the blouse size, it’s about the design and matching for your body shape. You should pay extra attention to body shape and blouse design pair.
  • Which types of saree I am going to wear with this blouse design? : Yes! it’s a fact that not all blouse design goes well with all sarees or lehenga, so pay attention while you are teaming your saree and blouse.
  • Color matching does matter!: As blouse it secondary wear, so it should well pair with your lehenga/saree color.

Blouse Designs For Silk/Cotton/Plain Sarees

Here, we brought you all blouse designs that pair best with silk saree. So, if you have one silk/cotton/plain saree and looking for a perfect pair of the blouse for it, then you probably would find one for you from below.

Blouse Designs For Net/Chiffon Sarees

Are you are looking for a blouse to tie up with your net/chiffon sarees?. Here, you will find lists of blouse designs for net saree that will lift your net saree outfit.

Blouse Designs For Wedding/Parties

Wedding saree outfit must be striking and gorgeous. and well pairs of blouse designs for wedding sarees can boost up your saree outfit from ordinary to outstanding look.

Blouse Designs For Lehenga

Finding blouse for lehenga could be a little bit tough when there are not many options available for it. Here, you will find some of best matches of the blouse for lehenga sarees.

Hope this article helps you to pick right blouse designs for your saree or lehenga. Here we put all blouse designs that you need to know about, so hopefully after reading this article about blouse designs, now you can pick an awesome blouse designs for your sarees.

And comment below which one you liked most?.

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