Indian Traditional Dresses 10 Most Popular Dresses of 2017

Yes! We agreed that Indian’s are adopting western dresses rapidly but still during festivals and traditional events, we all come together in Indian traditional dresses to show our originality, dignity, and love towards our ancient traditional cultural attires.

With the change of time, the taste of fashion has been changed dramatically, new designs and style have come, with this huge change few traditional clothes changed their own old style and adopted a new look. Clothes who changed and cover up a new fresh look and has high demand now.

Indian traditional dresses

Today, here we bought 10 most popular Indian traditional dresses that are trending on 2017.

So if you are planning to buy some Indian traditional clothing then wait!!.. and check out these 10 most popular dresses for both men and women.

#1 Saree

Saree was on trend in 90’s or before, is on trend and hopefully will be on trend forever.

This is the most popular Indian traditional dresses that are on-trend. However with the change of time and fashion, fresh sarees styles come in play, there are thousand of a variety of designs, color, styles, and fabrics.

How trendy is it actually?

To find this answer we looked into Google trend and found this data.

traditional dress saree trend graph

Figure: Google Trend

This is last 5 years analysis data, where you can see the trend of saree is going high and high with time. Where Indian’s are adopting western fashion rapidly, sarees steadily kept its reputation on the high competition.

Sarees has lots of variety of designs and styles, and almost all states of India especially in west Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and in many states has high saree fashion trend.

Figure image source: Pinterest

You can pick one saree for every occasion whether its festival, or party, or get together or outings, the huge variety of saree fashion give you freedom of choice. Get your saree, pair it with beautiful blouse design and you are perfectly ready for traditional events.

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#2 Kurtis

After saree, if something holds every woman’s heart, it’s Kurtis.

Clothing that has been treated more as trendy than traditional. New aged fashion followers are adopting the new look of this traditional dresses like nothing else. From city girl wardrobe to trendy fashion hunter wardrobe, kurtis has secured their place in every girl’s wardrobe these days.

Mind blowing fresh and cool designs with new aged look make this traditional one of the most popular ethnic fashion for women.

Let’s check out trend graph

traditional dress kurtis trend graph

Here, we can see how the trend has gone high from 2013 and trending now.

The core advantages of kurtis are all aged, all shaped, all skin tone women can try this ethnic fashion because of its flexibility and comfortable stylish outfit. So whoever you are there is a special edition of fashionable fresh kurti designs is waiting for you.

Kurtis comes in lots of different styles and designs patterns, you always will have your freedom of choosing from a wide variety. You can wear kurtis on traditional events, festivals, or you can wear it was casual daily wear.

Almost all Indian states adopted this traditional attire, and you can spot kurtis everywhere in India.

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#3 Salwar Kameez

The suiting parts is called salwar and kameez is the knee length section.

traditional dress salwar trend graph

Since last few years salwar kameez is getting popular, stylish new designs and fresh look making a salwar kameez perfect outfit for new aged women’s.

salwar kameez

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#4 Lehenga

When party calls and you are planning to try something traditional outfit, probably first thing comes to mind is a gorgeous lehenga. Is not it?

Lehengas are outstanding because of their mind blowing heavy designer works that catch everyone’s attention. Especially in Indian weddings, designer lehenga is very popular among women’s.

However the design is bit heavy stuff to wear, but not all are that much heavy, nowadays light and fresh designs are coming in play. Heavyweight is negotiable in front of mouth shut designs and works.

Let find out what trend graph says

traditional dress lehenga trend graph

Here, you can see with time how lehenga trend is going up and up.

If you are interested in royal and creative Indian design work then Lehengas are an exhibition of Indian traditional designs and heavy work. Lehenga trend is old, but still, Indian women desire to look gorgeous with designer lehenga style. Rarely the bold any other traditional attire holds its bold reputation like a lehenga.

Lehengas are one of most popular, trendy, and reputable Indian traditional attire for parties, weddings and traditional events you can have.

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#5 Sherwani

When it comes to men’s wedding and parties attire, without second thought sherwani is the first choice. Beautiful designer and heavy works on the body make it popular and trendy. But It’s no more like old style Sherwani, new and latest fresh designs is doing remarkable enhancement to get a fresh outfit.

Let’s check out what Google trend says

traditional dress sherwani trend graph

In the last five years, Google trend shows how sherwani is trending on the web. No doubt about this year also sherwani is going to keep its trend with more fresh and cool designs.

Not just in wedding, you also can try this on festivals and traditional occasions.

Before sherwani was worn by royals and kings on the special occasions, it signifies the royal heritage traditional clothing of India. If you haven’t tried this yet, you should try this once to feel the real heritage taste of sherwani.

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#6 Kurta Pajamas

It’s very light weight compare to sherwani and most popular casual stylish apparel for men. Kurta has different forms in different states but they all pointed to the same type. In some places, it’s paired with dhoti where in some states with pajamas, however, kurta pajamas are mainly popular among new aged people.

Let’s have a look at the trend graph

traditional dress kurta payjamas trend graph

Here you can see since last few years kurta pajamas are coming on trend.

People love kurta pajamas because of fresh and comfortable designs and stylish look. You can try it for daily use or for any casual or ethnic occasions kurta pajamas always fits all.

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#7 Dhoti


Yes! It’s shocking but yes, not in all regions of India but in some states like south Indian states and Bihar dhoti is used as primary wear.

In some parts of India dhoti is known as pancha, where in other part known as mundu,  names are different but the origin is same.

Let’s check out Google trend to see how trendy dhoti is actually nowadays

traditional dress dhoti trend graph

Here you can see Dhoti is coming up on trend these days, as it is more comfortable and give a relaxed outfit for high humid Indian climate.

Because of its comfort and relaxed outfit, most of India prefer to wear it for daily uses. As in summer days, most of India become hot and high humid, in this climate disaster dhotis are the best relaxed wear one can have.

However, on the other hand in some states like Shillong, Manali and other hill station where people avoid wearing dhoti because of cold climate.

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#8  Lungi

In many states, lungi is worn as an alternative of dhoti, almost similar to dhoti, only the difference is in fabrics and design patterns. Dhoti comes in pure soft cotton where lungi comes in various fabric combination.

traditional dress lungi trend graph

Here is the data for last 12 months, you can see how the trend is going high these days.

In the south India, West bengals, Kerala, Assam and some other states lungi are considered for the cool and relaxed daily use outfit. The best part of lungi is a comfort and relaxed look, unlike dhoti it comes in beautiful designs & prints.

If comfort and style are your first preferences, then dhoti probably the best Indian traditional dress option you can have.

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#9 Phiran

More then nationally, it’s regional popular traditional dress. Kashmir and in other parts of cold climate weather region phiran is very popular traditional attire. Men and women both can wear phiran.

traditional dress phiran trend graph

Last 12 months it went up and down, but still on trend nowadays especially in Kashmir and cold favor regions in India.

Phiran is long, loose, and comfortable attire comes with warm fabrics that keep yourself warm in cold conditions.


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#10 Pathani Suit

It almost looks like kurta but there are some little dissimilarities, Mainly wear by pathans of India but nowadays all community of people try out this fashion trend.

traditional dress pathani suit trend graph

The trend is going on and all communities of people start adopting this unique Indian traditinal dress.

Pathani suit

There is a bold feeling attached with pathani suit, you can wear it on traditional occasions, casual events, or in festivals. Some Pathan’s used to wear pagdi with pathani suit and some don’t.

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Hope this helps you to find popular Indian traditional dresses. These traditional attires are trendy and still has high demand in Indian fashion. Different parts of India, still wear these traditional fashion, to express their originality.

Which one do you like most? and why?

Please let us know in the comment section.


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