Modern Saree Blouse Designs: Let The Trend Starts From You!

Do you want to know a secret?. To look fresh and modern every day with saree, you must practice only two things. One, keeping your wardrobe fresh with fresh and modern saree blouse designs, and always keep your eyes on latest trendy saree looks. Why I am saying this?. Saree Fashion is who brings the latest first, is the one who always stay on trend. Yes! that’s true. It was a time when there were not much convenient blouse design choices ladies had. But, today the huge variety of blouse designs making it simple and easy to find the latest blouse designs.

So, if you want to look fabulous with sarees, then modern saree blouse designs are a must. And, today I come up with some Stylish saree blouse designs that will definitely be going to help you to look up to date.

modern saree blouse designs


So, Here, We go for some latest modern saree blouse designs of 2017

#Halter Neck Blouse

halter neck blouse

Undoubtedly, this is what modern women’s are looking for.  Very stylish, fresh look, and most importantly come from modern style background. However, halter neck blouse designs are inspired by western halter neck dresses, but you can pick these design for all Indian sarees. Hence, it’s a very good choice for the modern stylish saree outfit.

Features of halter neck blouse

  • The neck is wrapped with one line.
  • Most of the time comes as sleeveless.
  • One can wear with all latest saree styles.

#Boat Neck Blouse

boat neck blouse

Have you ever wonder with “What blouse to pick for traditional sarees to look trendy?”. If so, then you can pick one boat neck blouse for you. Rather than usual designs, boat neck comes with unique trendy neck design. Boat neck blouses are perfect for traditional saree outfits like for a wedding, or festivals. It will give you trendy look, at the same time won’t make you odd for traditional events.

Features of boat neck blouse

  • Most of the time comes in Full neck designs.
  • Available for short and full both sleeves.
  • Fit’s best for designer and traditional sarees.

#Sheer Sleeve Blouse

Sheer Sleeves Blouse

Basically, it’s a net fabric designs sleeve that is very attractive. However, the best thing about this blouse is you can pick it for sarees as well as for lehengas. As this blouse style is trending, you might have spotted this designs on celebrity look. As it a new and trending, you definitely can try this.

Features of sheer sleeve blouse

  • Sheer or fabric designs sleeve.
  • Comes in full and half sleeve.
  • One can wear with sarees and lehengas.

#Cape Style Blouse

Cape Style Blouse

Again another western dress wrapped up in blouse design. As we are looking for modern blouse designs, most of them are the fusion of western dresses in Indian blouse form. Cape style blouse is uniquely stylish and will support your style in every season. However, it’s a rare blouse design, you can keep one for special occasions.

Features of cape style blouse

  • Extra layers of cape covering your body.
  • Relaxed casual look.
  • Opened design.
  • Perfect for special occasions.


#One Side Shoulder Blouse

One Side Shoulder Blouse

Many women want to expose their shoulder, for those here is one blouse for you. It comes with one open shoulder and another one is covered. Hence, the saree look with one side shoulder blouse is always an exceptional outfit. However, one can pair it with party wear sarees or can try with any casual sarees. But, is it not recommended to try with heavy designer sarees.

Features of one side shoulder blouse

  • One shoulder is opened.
  • Comes in short sleeve, and full sleeve both style.

#Jewelled Neck Blouse

Jewelled Neck Blouse

Confuse with which blouse to pick for parties?, Then jewelled neck blouse could be a great choice for your party outfit. It’s trending these days on every party look. With jewelled neck, you don’t need extra neckless. It comes with beautiful and eye catching jewelled designs on the neck. This is very one of very new and modern saree blouse designs that you can pick for your saree.

Features of jewelled neck blouse

  • Beautiful jewelled designs on the neckline.
  • Comes in short, full and half sleeves.
  • The neck is high.

#Sleeveless Blouse

Sleeveless Blouse

Standing at this age, the first thing that we all give importance is looking sexy. Don’t we?. So, we always look for something that can give us sexy look. And, Sleeveless blouse is perfect for sexy look.  You can team it up with new style sarees.

Features of sleeveless blouse

  • Comes in sleeveless form.
  • You will find different neck designs, like high neck, low neck, halter neck.
  • Also, comes in different back designs.

#Asymmetrical Blouse

Asymmetrical Blouse

When you don’t get satisfied with symmetric!. It’s time for an exceptional look that known for giving high profile personality. However, there are many designs and styles in asymmetric blouse, its very modern and trendy blouse style.

Features of asymmetrical blouse

  • Asymmetrical designs.
  • Comes in different sleeve styles.

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Hope you have found some new stylish modern saree blouse designs here. However, the fact is new blouses should match with a perfect sarees, to make it more even more perfect. All of the above designs are new and trendy for today’s saree fashion. You can pick anyone to magnify your modern saree look with different modern saree blouse designs. So, get an epic saree outfit with new blouse designs.

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