Tail Cut Kurtis: An Unbeatable Kurti Fashion

This story is about how you can get a perfect look with tail cut kurtis. Now’s if you are not familiar with the tail cut kurtis, this type of kurtis has one end long like tail it could be front of back, very stylish and unique kurti style. Because of its new arrivals, this becoming very popular these days.

One can try tail cut kurtis at almost all occasions whether its traditional event, or casual. Despite the wrong fact that kurtis look outdated fashion, a complete outstanding outfit with a tail cut kurtis can give you a new and fresh kurti look, that you can’t find with others. Today, rather than just showing you some random tail cut kurtis, I will show you a complete outfit that brings “thumbs up” outfit out of tail cut kurti.

Best Tail Cut Kurtis Collections

You might don’t like wastage, do you?. That’s why here I have picked the best tail cut kurtis, which is unmatchable and chic. I looked into all tail cut kurtis and filtered out some best out of them. Here, you will find every occasion perfect tail cut kurtis, from various diverse styles and designs. Below you will find some good sets of tail cut kurtis, that you might want to buy.

Bottomwears to pair with tail cut kurtis

As I told you before, I will help you to find a complete look, here are some of the bottomwear that matched well with tail cut kurtis. Many peoples overlooked the bottomwear match up, but the fact is only a perfectly matched bottomwear can make your outfit complete. Here are some good picks for tail cut kurtis, have a look below


Leggings are evergreen bottomwear that all women can pick for a tail cut kurtis. However, always get right color leggings according to your kurti, below are some good leggings. You can wear leggings for both casual and traditional events, however, you can look for other bottomwear’s if you don’t like leggings.


If you want little modern look then jeggings might be a good choice. It’s stylish and very trendy match with a fashionable tail cut kurti.


If you want to go casual events with tail cut kurtis, then jeans might a good bottomwear for you. As, jeans will add little western touch, it could bring out a new fashionable outfit with tail cut kurtis.


If you want little new fashionable look, get a palazzo with tail cut kurtis. There are different styles of palazzos that go well with kurtis, you can look below.


Who doesn’t want to get a different look,  and with bottomwear like dhoti, you can get a complete different look out of kurtis. You can find different styles of dhotis for women, have look below

Long skirts

Long skirt brings out a sexy and hot look with tail cut kurti. Long skirts are good pick for both traditional and casual occasions. It’s comfortable and always take cares of your style.

Ethnic jackets for tail cut kurtis

An extra layer of the ethnic jacket looks amazing with tail cut kurtis. A good pair of ethnic jacket can make your tai cut kurits look even for perfect for traditional celebrations. Below are some ethnic jacket that you might want to plug with your kurti.


Footwear’s that goes well with tail cut kurtis

You might don’t want to go with rowdy boots with tail cut kurtis.  I know it will look wired. So, we need to figure out and find some good pair of footwear’s that goes well with tail cut kurtis. Here, I made it easier for you by picking some of good choices for you. These might match with your stylish tail cutting kurti, for example sandals, strap heels, chappals(although I don’t recommend much), pumps, juttis.

Accessories and jewelry you can pick for tail cut kurtis

It remains incomplete until you have some cool accessories to get the attentions. Like cool handbag, or fresh jewelry for example stolen, cuff bracelets, sling bag. You can choose anything according to the look that you desire, but just an advice go with fresh and what goes with your appearance.

Set the right makeup for tail cut kurtis

Now, makeup might come at last, but the most important thing to do before we go out. As tail cut kurtis can wear on traditional occasions, and on casual occasions too, so it’s better to go with something simple yet stylish makeup.

Hopefully, you have found the complete lookbook for tail cut kurtis. Yes, it can give you a beautiful look. However, Pear shape, tall women, rectangle shape women’s are preferable for this outfit, but other shapes women also can try. Pick the matches according to your preferences and look awesome with tail cut kurtis. Have fun!

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