Tops Under Price Rs 500: Discover Cheap Yet Stylish Tops

Hi, are you looking for some top’s and tunics to buy under 500?. Then in this article, you will be finding some amazing collections of different styles, and types of tops below the price Rs 500 right here.Tops are pretty amazing. Aren’t they?. There are a huge variety of tops that you can pick for different outfits, and occasions. You can pair top’s with different bottom wears like jeans, leggings, and much more. In this article, I will show you some awesome collections of different types of tops at very affordable price, I mean with only Rs 500.

Peplum Tops Under Rs 500

It’s a very stylish type of tops that you can wear on casual events and as daily wear clothing. Mostly peplum tops are short and paired very well with high waist jeans and leggings. Also, someone can try with a skirt and other bottom wears. You can try this top in colleges, evening parties, outings, casual occasions and places like this.


Tank Tops Under Rs 500

A tank top is a very good pick for young new fashion lovers. It’s very comfortable and sexy as well. You can wear it to the gym, of work out, outing, casual parties. You can pair it with leggings, jeans, trousers, shorts, hot pants. Jeans short with tank top is a very popular outfit that you can try. Below are some very good tank tops under the price 500.


Ruffle Tops Under Rs 500

As it name say’s there are ruffles on the arm and shoulders on this tops. And, it looks amazing, you also can find some different new ruffled tops, rather than just armed work. You can team this with short pants. palazzo, jeans, shorts. A very good pick for a casual outfit. There are few variations that you might find like off the shoulder, front ruffles, shoulder ruffles and more different types of ruffle tops.


Off Shoulder Tops Under Rs 500

This is something that is trending now. Off shoulder tops are very popular these days, as it looks very hot and sexy, women’s are crazy to have it. These tops have open or partially open shoulder, that exposes your shoulder arm well. It has many bottom pairs like with jeans, leggings, shorts, hot pants, skirts. Below is some cool off shoulder collection priced under 500 rupees only.


Wrap Tops Under Rs 500

These tops come with wrap in the front, which looks pretty good. You can wear wrap top with jeans, skirt, legging, and trousers. Many people wear it on both casual and formal occasions. Although, interview, casual parties, formal meeting are good places to wear it. However, wrap tops are on trend now and can come out as a perfect stylish outfit, and you can have it under the price 500 only, look below.


Crop Tops Under Rs 500

It’s a very sexy and trendy style. Very good pick for hot pants and shorts outfit. Also, one can go with different combinations of bottomwear’s with crop top. You can pick crop top for casual occaions like beach wear, outings, or anywhere that fit’s this casual look. Here are some crop tops i have choosen under the price 500, you may like these. Look below


Peasant Tops Under Rs 500

Peasant tops are very elegance outfit, that all aged women can try for their casual look. They are very cool casual and has come with different designs on the body. It’s an evergreen top style that all women can try with different bottom wears like jeans, leggings, skirts. However, it fits good for casual events, but one can wear it on formal meetings also.


Tube Tops Under Rs 500

Tube tops are for those women who like to look attractive, and hot. As it almost like tube , and off shoulders, these are perfect for an attractive look with tops. One can wear it with jeans, leggings, skirts. But when tube tops come under the price only Rs 500, its a must buy top. Have a look below for some good tube tops picks under 500.


Halter Tops Under Rs 500

Halter tops are basically the tops that have string wrapping around the neck. Halter neck tops are a good pick for slim shoulder women, and a very good outfit for evening and parties. You can wear it with jeggings, leggings, jeans, trousers, and different skirt styles. Below you will find some good collections of halter tops under Rs 500.


Kaftan Tops Under Rs 500

It’s a different kind of tops style where you find extra flesh of spread up to the waistline. It’s very comfortable types of tops, and capable of giving a totally different look. One can try kaftan tops with jeans, leggings, shorts, denim. As its very loose and flowy a good pick for apple shape, slim shape, oval shape women’s.


Wait! Want More Low Price?, Check Tops Under Price Rs 300

Now, if you are looking for more low price range tops, then here are some stylish yet, cheap price tops that you can purchase. So, have a look into these tops starts at price 199 only.

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Hope, you have found some good picks of tops under 500. Here, I have shows some best handpicked tops at a low price. However, I have shown all most all the categories of tops that you might want to buy, but still, if you want to look more low price tops can look here.

Did you find your top?

Or you have some more recommendations?

I would love to hear your thought in the comment. So, see you in the comment.

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