7 Types of Shoes for Men and Women That You Must Know

Shoes….. Shoes play an important role to develop our personality for both Men and Women, and almost all of us, who knows how look matters, wonder for it. All types of Footwears are not appropriate for all occasions. And not only fashionable, it must be comfortable as well. There are different types of shoes suitable for different personality and of course occasions. But “what’s new style?” is a matter of search. Because we all want unique foot wears for parties, festivals, marriages, and others.

For them, who want to try the trending fashionable footwear, for both men and women, we are going to present some fashionably smart options of shoes to wear in parties and all. So go through the article and choose the best suitable shoes according to your personality and walk the road.

Let’s start with the types of shoes for Women, and then for Men.

Types of Shoes for Women

Today, in the competitive world, looking smart and gorgeous are not the only requirements. Whatever we wear must be fashionable and Also Comfortable. So here are the top 7 types of shoes for Women.

  • Flat Sandals:

flat sandals for women.jpg

Flat sandals are the best options for working women on casual days for running here and there. They are comfortable and also smart. There are many smart and fashionable flat sandals available now on top shopping sites. You can wear flat sandals in various occasions too according to your dressing style.

  • Pumps:

Pumps for women.jpg

A tall woman wearing pant-shirt and Pumps is just awesome. Not only for tall women, Pumps are fashionably smart option for all. They are comfortable too. You can wear pumps with Salwar-Kameez, Pant-Shirt, Long or Short skirts too.

  • Sneakers:

sneakers for women.jpg

Sneakers are a trending part of fashion today, Especially among the college student and working women who are in a hurry all day long. For holiday tours, going to market and movies, running in the morning and for other daily life work sneakers are best.

  • Gladiators:

gladiators for women.jpg

Gladiators are the sexiest footwear among all. Hence it gives a sexy look to the woman who wears them, especially women wearing any shorts or minis. You can check different style and color for you Gladiators on top ranked shopping sites.

  • Kitten Heels:

kitten heels for women.jpg

If you want to look different in the party, you need a gorgeous wardrobe and also your footwear. Kitten Heels are the best option to maintain the damn gorgeous look of yours in any events. You must give a try.

  • Boots:

boots for women.jpg

We all must have watched many models and celebs walking on-ramps with a sexy dress and with boots. And they all look so hot. Yes, boots help to pop up the hotness in your personality. Boots with heels would be better for women with short-heights. You can have this shoes with both pants and minis.

  • Wedged Heels:

Wegded heels for women.jpg

Wedged Heels are also very trendy and comfortable, unlike other high heels. If you are going to any events, you should try Wedged Heels and I am sure, it would emerge the best of your personality. It gives height to the sweet little women too.

Types of Shoes for Men

If anyone asks a man, what are the prior components for men’s fashion? One of the answers would be “Shoes”. All men become very selective in case of buying shoes. So here we are listing 7 types of shoes a man must have.

  • Flip-Flops:

Flip-Flop for men.jpg

Flip-flops are the first choice for men, especially on casual days. It’s favorite for all men to wear T-shirt and shorts with Flip-flops to roam or to travel on holidays. They are very cozy too. So it’s a must for men to have a pair of flip-flops.

  • Sneakers:

Sneakers for men.jpg

Sneakers are best for maintaining a smart look and doing day-to-day works like going to the nearby market, roaming with friends, going to theatre or park etc. so it is also one of the must-haves for men, though almost all men have sneakers.

  • Loafers:

loafers for men.jpg

If you are an office buddy and getting bored with your formal shoes, then you can try Loafers. They are comfortable, fashionable and obviously will maintain a semi-formal look of yours. So don’t think twice. Have a pair of Loafers.

  • Outdoor Multisport Training Shoes:

outdoor multisport training shoes for men.jpg

Outdoor Multisport Training shoes are for those who have an outdoor work life, love riding bikes, or going to Hills for holidays, etc. and men always love to do so. That’s why it is a need for the men to have a pair of Outdoor Multisport Training Shoes. They are very comfortable and give protection to your feet too.

  • Boat Shoes:

boat shoes for men.jpg

Generally, Boat Shoes are best for rainy seasons. you can have them for going to the beach or lakeside with your special one. They have solid wet grips, long lasting stitches and now available in different colors on many online shopping sites. They are very stylish too.

  • Formal Shoes:

formal shoes for men.jpg

It is true that all men look good in formal dress code. And for this formal look, you need formal shoes also. It is compulsory for a man today to have Formal Shoes. The best thing of formal shoes is that you can wear different types of formal shoes with different dress code other than formal dress code and still looks stylish.

  • Floaters:

Floaters for men.jpg

Floaters are also very stylish and comfortable footwear for the men. Almost all men love to wear Floaters too. And nowadays there are a variety of floaters available on online shopping sites. Choose from and buy a pair of floaters.

So Ladies and gentlemen, here you have the 7 Types of shoes that man and woman should have in his or her shoe-drawer. Now you can choose your favorite shoes’ types from the collections of different brands available on your nearby showrooms and on different online shopping sites. Go and buy some pairs to bring out the real you, and be the center of attraction everywhere you go.

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